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Ozone is a part of nature. Ozone is formed by the sun's ultraviolet rays and high energy electrical discharges that happen during lighting storms. Ozone can also be produced scientifically in safe, controlled quantities. Ozon(03) is an unstable form of oxygen(02) and has a total of three atoms, unlike stable oxygen that has only two atoms. The physical quality of a ozone is as a gas. It is highly mobile and easily dilute into the airflow over the surfaces and seep into fabrics and crevices, Ozone is a unique molecule the organimolecule and destroys the organic molecules that form much of the indoor pollutants. We there the pollutants are from biological or chemical sources, ozone rapidly oxidizes them by first reverting itself to o2 (Oxygen) and then depositing the third oxyzen atom on the offending pollutant. This process very effectively deodorizes disinfects and destrorys. Many of the pathogens and fums that poison the indoor air and water. Ozone is a marvel of nature in the upper atmosphere ozone protects our planet from harmgul ultraviolet radiation closer to earth , ozen purifies and sanitizes the air we breathe the water. We drink and the food we eat. Ozone is uses in medical the rapies, it has shown remarkable antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal activity. We design and manufacture greenozone range of ozone generators fromigm to 100 gms capacity and also design ozonators according to the specific usage of our customers.