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Ultra Pure Water

The utilization of ultra pure water is mainly used in semi conductor and pharmaceutical industry. The content of ultra pure water only H2O and H+ and OH+ 10NS in equilibrium. Therefore ultra pure water conductivity is about 0,054 US/CM at 25 degree C, also expressed as resistivity of 18.3 mol. The production of ultra pure water has to be done in 2 steps for example from tap water of fresh ground water .now the minerals have to be removed from the water . This demineralised water is then processed through a high performance mixed bed or by electrodionisation .

Emergency water treatment sytem

Please choose the type of emergency water treatment solution you require filtration plant for surface water treatment to potable water treatment plant for desalination of sea water to potable water . Tech- Pro has the capacity of catering containerized drinking water system, skid mountain units and trailer built solutions to meet any local requirements for fast shipment and flexible application use in the most rural areas .Tech-Pro is always ready to assist any NGO and any other organizations who are operating in acute relief work in their immediate needs for emergency situations and natural disaster the compact emergency response plants are made for easy operation and reliability. They have the option of containing their own diesel electrical power generator . Tech-Pro also offers complete setup ,start up, maintenance and demobilization completely. The treated water is disinfected there by treating microbial pathogens ,and will contain a small residual amount of chlorine for protection against subsequent bacterial pollution in water contnners bottle s and distribution pipes Tech-Pro also offers mobile(collapsible)storage vessels and transport pumps for fresh water handling . NGO non government organisation such as humanitarian agencies, global water care, medicine du monde, caritas, catholic relief services doctors without borders.