techpro india

Water Deionizer Plants

Tech Pro engineers have customised EDI Plants. The engineers have designed and build tailor made EDI plants. The plants have conventional plate and frame arrangements. The EDI moduled upto 145m3/h to produce demi or ultrapure water from RO permeate or IX demi plants Feed water max conductivity 40us/cm. Fees water max hardness <1> PPM. Demi Ultrapure water quality 8-18M..., recovery 90-95%.Our EDI plants include feed pump (optional), EDI modules, resistivity prob, electrical valves & fittings, instrumentation, control panel in addition to the EDI trains tech pro can also built "all in one" turnkey demii water systems. These systems include the pre treatment, reverse osmosis and EDI modules. All components can be operated with a single controller.
Fine Filters Water filtration for industrial waste water and water recycling process, sediments, fins and particles can be removed by sediment filters, cartridge filters, bag filters, y-strainers, drum filter, disc filter, woven wires, pre-coat filter.