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Clo2 Disinfection

Tech Pro India ClO2 generators can produce up to 150 g/h of ClO2 for horticulture, bottled water disinfection or CIP applications. ClO2 concentrations 0.2 to 2.5 mg/L Water flowrate up to 100 m3/h Reagent 1 Purogene (NaClO2 at 3.36%) Reagent 2 HCl 15%
ClO2 systems includes: 2 dosing pumps in a 1 reaction vessel (optional) 1 redox probe (optional) 1 pump cabinet 1 control cabinet 1 Pulse flowmeter (optional) 1 static mixer Chemical drums Secondary containers
We strongly recommend to add a ClO2 on-line measurement device to control ClO2 concentration. More on ClO2 disinfection Recommended concentrations:

Horticulture 2.5mg/L.
Bottled Water 0.2mg/L.
Drinking Water 0.8mg/L max e.