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UV Systems

Ultraviolet (UV) systems (Starlite). The ultra violate system is to free the water from the disease microorganism without the use of chemicals. Ultra violate light is a cost natural cost effective and environmentally friendly disinfection process for use in recreational facilities, home, and other areas where safe healthy water is a concern. Ultraviolet destroys infections microbes by directing light to their reproductive mechanism. Consequently the risk of disease is eliminated the benefits of ultra violate system disinfection are immediate process in storage tank required, beneficial minerals are not removed, economical disinfection process, no by products created, environmentally friendly, no unpleasant taste prodours (as caused by chlorine). The areas of application are pharmaceuticals, food industries, soft drinks, mineral water, cosmetic manufacturing, fish hatcheries, hospitals, hotels, chemical industries, off shore plant from electronics semiconductors, aquaculture, laboratories, swimming pools and spa and cooling tower.