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UV Disinfection

The UV treatmtent system HRS evolved a ne technique for its treatment. As the industry regulations are becoming stringent day by day increasing press interest and the evolution of resuted in the successful application of alternative methods of treatment like UV treatment.
Effluent treatment
Tech Pro offers complete UV systems for high technology industries, such as pharmaceutical companies chemical, semiconductor, softdrinks water authorities, portable water, offshore platforms, swimming pools.
Domestic applications-
The low cost domestic systems have been successfully solying individual water quality problems for many years.
UV Surface Disinfection-
Tech Pro is able to offer both medium pressure, low pressure and low pressure amalgam disinfection systems. Tech Pro also offers special ultraviolet systems offering clients. An individually tailored service to solve the most complex of disinfection problems. Ultraviolet technology is used extensively in many industry sectors like manufacturing pharmaceuticals, swimming and leisure industries, ocean going vessels (drinking and ballast water), drinking water industry, food abd beverage production, west water treatment industry. There are maximum advantages in the ultraviolet disinfection systems. UV dose not alter taste, odor, color or PH of the water. UV does not require the addition of the chemicals UV does not impart toxic by products into the water. UV systems are compact and easy to install UV systems. The maintenance cost is very low in UV systems. The running cost are often lower than those of a house hold light bulbs.