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Iron Remover plants

Iron removal plants can be based different filtration media. All depending on the iron and manganese concentration the oxygen level CO2 content and hardness of the water. Plant Principale- First air is injected in order to oxidize the iron. The oxidized iron will then precipitate on a sand filter. An MNO2 layer in the sand bed will catalyze the oxidation of residual iron backwash will be done by water and by air. Filtration media choice are sand + MNO2- For high iron concentrations calcite for acidic waters. BIRM. GREENSAND. Other oxidation chemicals can be used for highly contaminated waters Ozone. Chlorine Chlorine dioxide These chemicals also have a biocide effect but might interact with other component. Typical deironing plant includes- Feed/ Backwash pump, Pressure vessel filled with deironing media valves, fittings and instrumentation –Air compressor- Air Blower-Control Panel.