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Drinking Water

Drinking water can be produced from any natural sources like ground water, lakes and rivers or sea water. Drinking water must be free from suspended solds, Micro organic and toxic chemicals.

Drinking water purification process prefiltaration ariation of ground water natural tratment of surface water takes place in the reservoires, Rapid sand filtaration or in some cases micro filtaration in drum filters, addition of chemicals, natural filteration disinfaction, fine filtaration, preservation and storage. Drinking water contains bacteria, chlorine is added to stop bacterical growth. The Presence of chlorine is always there treating water to make it suitable to drink is like waste water treatment. The treatment are different for ground water and surface water. The ground water is pumped from the becomes free from contaminants. Drinking water can also be prepared directly from surface water resources water has to go through many process than ground water for purification. It is also expensive the ground water is pumped from ground under sanddunes. The ground water is filterered through sanddunes. It is a natural process. The cost is much less than the purification of surface water. Surface water is stored in reservoirs for several days. It is left for the oxygen in air to dissolve with for the improvement of clarity and taste. The suspended matter would also settle in due course of time. The water is then pumped out to a purification plant through pipe lines. Where it is treated the water runs through sand filters and some times through activayted charcoal. Then disinfection takes place some times by bacteria or by adding substances to remove contaminants from the water the water. The numberof purification steps that are taken depend on the quality of water that enters the purification plant. Water is not always filtered in sand dunes during treatment. Water is also stored in reservoirs where it undergoes natural treatment. Drinking water must be free of suspended solids, micro organism and toxic chemicals. Mineral concentration is alwys there for bottled water, taste can very upon calcium, magnesium, sulfate and iron content.