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Ion Exchange

Systems ion exchangers are very match use full to remove salts (cationsand onions ) from the water. Softners—Removal of calcium and magnesium. Cationic / Anionic demineralization plants, mixed bed polishing plants. Selective ion exchange for the removal of heavy metals. Additional information about ion exchange. All exchange resins available- Dowex / Rohm and Hass /laxness / Purolite. We also supply many iron resins for retro fitting in existing ion exchanger units. We can also calculate for every existing systems any information in this matter. Ion exchange calculator and hardness convertor. Tech pro engineers design and build tailor made softening plants using food grade or industrial grade resin, Upon Application- Our hardness converter to convert your hardness from French or German degrees to mg/l.0f caco3 our standard series are equipped with fleck valves to control the resin regeneration.

Type Name Flow Resin Volum
Domestic LT 2m3/h 10-30L
Softners Compact LT Simplex-5600 LT Simplex-2750 LT Simplex-7700 <2m3/h <5m3/h <7m3/h 10-80L 50-300L 50-300L